Stephanie Barton

Stephanie BartonHello everyone. My name is Stephanie and I have been around children all my life. I was raised in a family of five children and lots and lots of cousins. I first started Babysitting for families from my church and older cousin’s children also. I love to run around and play and if it’s not 100 degrees outside go outside and have an adventure while teaching something also. I have taking about three or four classes on early childhood development and have been CPR certified in both infant and adult since I was seventeen.  I also taught preschool daycare for Happy Hearts in Palm Springs California. While at Happy Hearts I was very big on playing music and dancing. I was in charge of all meals, teaching and picking up the school age children from school and bringing then back to the preschool.

I am always teaching, for instance I believe any time can be used to teach, like putting a sock on and saying this is your right foot and this sock is pink or whatever color it is. While watching and spending time with you children I plan on making thee experience fun, memorable, educational and safe.  I am always professional and believe in treating parents and children the way I would want to be treated and the way I would want my future children to be treated. I am looking forwarded to meet you and your family and letting you see how we at super sitters are here and ready to do a great Sit. :)J


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