Christina Ellwood

Christina Ellwood spends most of her time caring for her husband, Michael Slate, daughter Starr Slate and son Stephen Lee. She began her journey long before her family in 1997 when she was invited by her church to become a preschool teacher for a class of three year old children. In her first year she discovered a natural gift of teaching and a passion for children. Since then she has obtained a degree in Early Care and Education, studied many different educational philosophies throughout Seattle, Washington and California as well as held professional positions including co- directing a local preschool, and owner of Organic Childcare.

Along the way she signed up with a local babysitting agency and began providing babysitting services for local hotels. She discovered there was a demand for younger, educated babysitters who could provide the basics of safety and responsibility but also have energy and ideas to create experiences for children. Desert super sitters was established and continues to grow and develop as the leading on-call childcare agency throughout Palm Springs and surrounding areas.

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