Anika Pedroza

Anika Pedroza BabysitterHello!

My name is Anika and I am a 21 year old college student that is majoring in Liberal Arts to become an English teacher. My first experiences working with children came from being involved in the children’s ministry at my church.I started off as a helper in the nursery and advanced to the next age group every 2 years.

I am currently a 1st and 2nd grade Sunday school teacher; a position that I love and thoroughly enjoy. I have been working as a sitter for 9 years and have worked with autistic children that ranged from severe to moderately autistic and with children with food allergies.

From my travels to South America and Asia, I also have experiences working with children from other cultures were I had to be open-minded, extra patient and learn to always keep the child’s best interest in the foremost front of my mind. Working with children has always brought me much joy as they never fail to bring me delight, funny entertainment and wonderful experiences.

I strive to meet children where they are at and adapt myself to their own little world, by meeting not only their physical needs, but emotional needs as well. I feel that it is not only my duty to provide a safe environment, but a pleasant and enjoyable one for your children by having a nurturing and caring demeanor. I hope to have the privilege of working with your children!

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